Alan Loewinsohn Interviewed by Texas Verdicts Hall of Fame

The LDSR team was recognized for our experience in handling a high-stakes case resulting in a #1 Hall of Fame Verdict. Check out Alan's interview on the case below.

TEXAS VERDICTS HALL OF FAME: What's been the most significant change in your practice area and how have you adjusted? 

Alan S. Loewinsohn: As a result of this verdict, I have been asked to consider handling a significant increase in cases in this area. We have had to spend a fair amount of time vetting these possible cases. Often times by the nature of the potential claim, the potential claimant does not have all the facts since they were relying on their fiduciary to provide them the relevant information. That has presented a special challenge in evaluating the cases. 

TVHOF: What kept you up at night while working on this case? 

Alan S. Loewinsohn: I was worried until the very end that a jury of ordinary citizens could not relate to our client who had amassed a fair amount of wealth. I needed them to empathize with her and what the defendant had done to her and was concerned they would not be able to. Ultimately her passion for her cause shown through and convinced the jurors to care. 

TVHOF: What's the one piece of advice would you give a new practitioner in this practice area? 

Alan S. Loewinsohn: I would advise the lawyer on the potential plaintiff side if you are suing a large institution to realize that they have the resources to devote to the case to put you to your burden at every turn. So make sure you do as much due diligence on the front end before you take the case on. If you do take the case, then stay focused and know that if you can fight your way through everything the other side will attempt to throw at you, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it comes from our jury system.

Read the interview on p. 6 of Texas Lawyer’s Texas Verdicts Hall of Fame here.

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